What do egg and hen have in common with knowledge, education and business? This seemingly abstract puzzle contains a deeper thought and poses a question: Can business be done without knowledge or education? Coincidence may make it possible once or twice, but we will not be able to build a sustainable business without harnessing knowledge resources based on solid education.

It is the circulation and interaction of valuable education and adequate knowledge that makes business effective. As a binder, I offer a wide range of competences in the field of relationships, networking and negotiations.


Regardless of whether you are a "self-made man", an elected or nominated leader, you should still have a specific and clear goal and it is not looking into a mirror that you should be concerned with. It is transformation and positive growth that you need to be oriented towards.


Let's talk about strategic management, including the process of building a strategy, exploring development opportunities, expansion around the core, growth strategy through innovation, or designing negotiation strategies.


Are you considering international business? Great - let's use our network of contacts and knowledge to expand internationally. Coaching intercultural competences or support in international negotiations may prove necessary.


Like pans of a beam balance, development gains effectiveness when the components of specialist knowledge are accompanied by a resource of soft skills that are on stand-by for flexible use by a leader to support his or her attributes as well as negotiations and conflict resolution techniques.

Dr. Kozlowski has taught at HELBUS Helsinki School of Business the topic of Business Negotiations. In this capacity he was one of the most liked and best rated professors by our students. In addition to teaching with us he has helped us significantly in our efforts to develop our international recognition.

For these reasons I can warmly recommend Dr. Kozlowski for any academic or managerial position you might have.

– HELBUS Helsinki School of Business, Kari Jaaskelainen, President

Artur Kozłowski is a person of a high business sense. He is a manager who can manage projects in many areas with great class. These areas include education, creating business structures or inter-sectoral cooperation. As a specialist he is definitely worth recommending.

– Studio 102, Tomek Smorgowicz, CEO

Gdańsk City Hall has the pleasure of granting doctor Artur Kozłowski a reference of a professional partner in the area of training courses for Gdańsk City Hall (…) He proved to be a reliable partner and by this token he is held in high regard by all of us. This allows us to recommend him as a proven and tested partner who carries out interesting and valuable trainings in the field of social communication.

– Deputy Mayor of the City of Gdańsk, Marcin Szpak