About me

International affairs and civilization changes are my chief areas of  interest in the pursuit of knowledge about the surrounding reality. Entrepreneurship, negotiations and leadership are the keys to discounting knowledge for practical use.

I rooted my endeavor  to experience the world in studying the field of humanities and social sciences. I eagerly delved into the literature presenting the theory of the development of civilization and the accompanying rules of social change in both the political and economic dimensions. I drew my inspiration from Professor Andrzej Piskozub of the Department of Civilization Sciences of Gdańsk University. It was Sokrat Janowicz who provided me with an interpretation of contemporary changes in Belarus. Analogically, my cooperation with Myron Yankiv yielded an invaluable insight into the rendition of similar changes in the Ukraine.


The humanistic side of my personality has always been accompanied by the spirit of entrepreneurship and that is why I have always looked for professional activities in which I could organize, manage and carry out processes. Having undertaken yet another business study program I accumulated a significant number of titles and degrees from Polish and American universities alike that specialize in in educating people in the aforementioned skills.

You can safely describe me as a humanist in business because, in my view, business with a human face is the essence of honest, development-oriented management.

Universities, internships and workshops

  • University of Gdansk
    1992 - 1997

    Master's degree in Political and Social Science
    Department of Studies on Civilisations

  • Gdansk University of Technology
    1998 - 1999

    Postgraduate Programme of Study:
    Training of Managerial and Executive Staff

  • University of Gdansk
    1997 - 2000

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    in Political Science and Government

  • Poznan University of Economics & Georgia State University Atlanta (US)
    2001 - 2003

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • ECCH, Cranfield University, UK (training in Denmark)

  • Columbia University, US

  • Helsinki School of Business

  • Helsinki School of Business

  • University of Wroclaw

    Habilitation in Social Science,
    discipline Political Science,
    specialization International Relations and Affairs

  • University of Northampton, UK

  • ICAN Institut
    2019 - 2020

    The Strategic Leadership Academy


Speaking of people, at this point I should like to mention but a few names that had the greatest impact on me as mentors:

  • Andrzej Piskozub (+)

    Number one, the unquestionable holder of the title of  Master, is Andrzej Piskozub, whom I met while studying at the University of Gdańsk. At this time he was as the head of the Department of Civilization Science. Unprecedented oration skills combined with an in-depth knowledge of geosophy and historiosophy characterized the Professor’s approach to systematizing the development of civilization in time and space. Fascinated by the Professor’s personality and his lectures, I asked him to be the supervisor of my master’s thesis, and after its completion, also of my doctoral dissertation. Our relationship lasted nearly 30 years, and in due course it took on a friendly dimension. I can confidently declare that the Professor’s intellect has always aroused my constant admiration.

  • Sokrat Janowicz (+)

    Another man who had a great influence on me was Sokrat Janowicz. I got to know him after completing my doctorate. I might have met him much earlier when, as a child I used to travelled to Ostrów Północne nearby his hometown of Krynki. We both understood very quickly that we had much in common. I was an eager recipient of his stories about Belarus and I read his books. I repaid his kindness with a few articles on Belarus and the changes in the Belarusian civilization space.

  • Miron Jankiv (Lwów, Ukraina)

    (Lvov, Ukraine) I broadened my interest in Eastern Europe, but this time in the Ukraine. I studied the literature concerned but it was another great man, Miron Jankiv who truly broadened my horizons. We got to know each other after his fulfilling the function of the  Ukraine’s ambassador to Latvia. Subsequently, he moved to Gdańsk to serve as the Ukraine’s consul general in from 2011 to 2014. Great esteem, knowledge and personal culture, combined with diplomatic art, became incentives to establish and then deepen our friendships. I have accepted the invitation to Lvov with enthusiasm several times and so far I have been impressed with what I could see and experience owing to Miron. Above all, I am grateful for the contribution he made to the commemoration of the Lvov Eagles in Lvov cemetery.

  • Tomasz Krupiński (Gdańsk)

    (Gdańsk) Several years of friendship and several years of closer cooperation with an exceptional artist of space have opened my eyes and soul to understanding art. Watching Tomek create pictures, design sculptures, dancing stools, resin benches, or complete home, office, bar and restaurant interiors. I had the impression that I was participating in a unique act – bringing projections and expectations closer to matter. The effect… went boldly beyond dreams. At the same time, I learned from Tomek how to sustain inner peace despite the whirring adversities.

  • Derek Nolan (Ireland)

    A dozen years of close cooperation, heated discussions and inspiration from the whole world in the company of a polyglot. Derek is the only person I know who speaks over 10 languages. It was from Derek that I caught the travel bug and the desire to explore the world and live a life with a sense of humor.

  • Eimear Kelly (+)

    Always full of energy and creativity Irish flesh and blood combined with Spanish beauty and temperament. She had a passion for her native country, and although she spent 10 years of her life in Gdańsk, she taught all those around her to love her native country of Ireland. It was for Eimear and Derek that I co-organized the St. Patrick’s Parade under the patronage of the Irish Embassy in Poland and the presidents of the Tricity. Jointly running  Eimear Kelly’s Language School, we completed a number of original and unconventional projects, from animated e-videos for children and teenagers to night Hobbit theater games – yes, thanks to Eimear I was Gandalf.

  • Juraj Nemec (Slovakia, Czech Republic)

    A series of intellectual discussions, whether in Gdańsk or Banska Bystrica, inspired me to improve my artistry and methodology of scientific work, and at the same time enabled me to sharpen my critical thinking. In terms of scientific activity and mobility, few people can match Juraj – which also inspires me and drives me to living an active life.

  • Wojciech Parchem

    The intensive time of MBA studies and years of friendship with an outstanding personality allows me to realize that investing in myself and in own competences can doubled your great fun of life, but also mercantile discounting of invested financial and intellectual capital in your own development


Places that inspire me

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  • ICAN

  • PhD diploma

  • MBA

  • Leadership

  • Negotiations

  • Strategy

  • FU

  • Belarus

  • Habilitation diploma

  • Budapest

  • UoN